Her mother ,popular singer, Lucienne Boyer: "Parlez-moi d'amour ", "Si petite", "Mon coeur est un violon". Her father, popular Actor-singer, Jacques PILLS. "Couches dans le foin", Symphonie", "cheveuxdanslevent"

Her mother in law the great Edith PIAF.

Jacqueline bad everything to learn the ropes oft he stage at a very tender age, surrounded by such great talents that she admired from the wings of Music Halls Cabarets.

Her first performance look place in Hungar; 'during her mother's tour at whit time she performed th Tee songs, one of whih of Hungarian folklore.



1958   Jacqueline sings in her mothers Montmartre-Cabaret.

1959   First stage perfomance at the - Theatre de l'Etoile in Paris with Marlene DIETRICH.Textfeld:  

1960   Jacqueline wins the Great Eurovision Song Contest in London with the song "Tom Pillibi".

In April. she appears in the first part of RODRIGUES concert at the OLYMPIA theater in Paris.

In May, she participates in the Musical event "Coq d'or de la Chanson Francaise" at the Olympia with the song "Comme au premier jour".

Im the same summer, Jacqueline records "Tom Pillibi" in Germain, marking the  beginning of a stunning career in Germany.

In November, TV-Show appearances in New-York with Celebrities such Pat BOONE, Gilbert BECAUD, Perry COMO, and the Ed SULLIVAN Show. Later on, she performs in the fugt part of the Charles AZNAVOUR Show at the ALHAMBRA in Paris.

1961   May and June, on tour with Gilbert BECAUD and Jacques BREL.




1963   Many Ga1as in France on tour with Georges BRASSENS.

Number One HIt on the Charts in Germany with "MITSOU".

Consecration in Germany for Jacqueline where she sings before an audiance of 500000 people on the occasion of the Electoria Company in Stuttgart for the great Chancelor Willy BRANDT.

Chatelet Theater in Paris, Musical Comedy by Marcel Achard and Jean-Michel Dmnase "Eugene 1e Mysterieux".

1964   Jacqueline at the "Rose d'or d' Antibes" with "Le temps de la vie"





1965   On tour with the famous Corsican singer Tino ROSSI "Le temps des guitares". Record releases in Germany continue with 7 45 RPMs and One Album.

1966   An automobile accident momentanly stops the Jacqueline's career for tree long years.Textfeld:  

1970   Germany realease of second Album in German. Numerous Galas and TV appearances.



1972   OLYMPIA in Paris first part of Char1es TRENET's Concert.

Jacqueline release in parallel the Album" Olympia 71". Next 1971 Recital in the famous ship "France".

1972   Tour in France with popular comic singer Thierry LE LURON. Several tours in Germany on the decade 70's with Zarah Leander, Udo Jürgens, Catarina                 Valente.Textfeld:  

1973   Jacqueline sings with Charles AZNAVOUR at London's PALLADIUM followed by a tour in France with him so.

            Perform at the Cabaret "La Belle Epoque" in Paris during the same year.

 1976   First part in the Jerry LEWIS Show at the OLYMPIA in Paris.

Sings at the OLYMPIA for the 50 years of her mother's singing career with Lucienne at her side.

1977   Great tour in Japan with Charles AZNAVOUR

1981   Jacqueline leaves Paris to pursue her career in New York      

1983   She sing in English under the alias BARBARA BENTON A 45 RP Single "Life is new" and the Album "Love. love. love".

Regular appearances on French TV Shows FR1

The release of a single with the English version of "Parlez-moi d'amour" that becomes "Speak to me of Love" with new arrangements.

14 French TV show appearances with this English version.

1984   Several guest star appearances on German TV.Textfeld:  


1986   Canada: Jacqueline perform for three months the Montreal revue "Voilà Paris”

1988   Release of new French Album "Plus" under her own name Jacqueline Boyer.

Germany: another release of the English Album under her alias BARBARA BENTON and the tree-track CD "Life is new ". 

1989   One tour in Germany's discotheque with English album.

           Sings the Anniversary Hit for 100 Years Eiffel Tower

1990  Release of new Album CD "Parlez-moi d'amour" with a total of 12 re-recorded tracks, four new version with her biggest German Hit "MITSOU" rearranged info a modernized version.

            Guest star appearances throughout the year in Germany's TV Shows.

1990   A CD with the Hits of 60’s

1991   Release of the Germany Golden Disc -16 Tracks.

Release in France of Best off 60's at 70's, original versions.

1992   Galas and Shows in Germany

1996   Release of German Album -29 original tracks and the duet with Lucienne in German 

1998   One tour in Japan -15 concerts.

            Release of CD Album compilation "Comme au premier jour" with 16 tracks 

1999   Release of French CD Album “Nuances" -13 new tracks.

2000   Big tour in Japan -12 Concerts.

Duet with lrish singer Brendan KEELEY "Still in love" in English and as weIl as in  German.

 2002   Nominated for  at "Victoires de la musique" awards for her Album “Nuances"

            Release of French Album CD "Tous les visages".Textfeld:  

2003   Concert at SAT1and in Paris.Textfeld:  

2004   Release on double Album Capitol 60's- 70's tracks.

2005   The guest in French TV by Pascal SEVRAN      

2006  Star Guest in the great Show ANNEKE GRÖNLOH & FRIENDS - 45 JAAR ANNEKE GRÖNLOH

2007  The fist Webside, and a lot new Projects!Textfeld:  

2007   Make Jacqueline with the autor Marc Lin  a Audiobook! Comming in the Springtime 2008 

2008 Out of the Audiobook "Vier kleine Seiten meines Lebens" in german Double CD!

2008 On Stage with Marc Lin live Proforming the Audiobook in Switzerland!

2009 Out of the Audiobook in frensch: "Quatre petites pages de ma vie" Double CD Poems and with 15 Songs

2010 New CD 'Chagrin D'amitie' 16 nice Songs!

2010 TV Show on France 3 09. 01.2010!Textfeld:  

2010  Le 29 mars Tom Pillibi Il a cinquante ans!

2010 15. May 2010 Live proforming as special guest!

2010 14. December Concert for Honor for 50 Year Career!

2011  May a New CD coming soon!